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Sidney George TRENCHARD at rest.
Remembered eternal love Peter James IVEY, 11th October 1932 - 10th March 2001.
Here lyeth the body of Amythe, daughter of Henry READ aged 12 years.
Here lyeth the body of Eliza READ aged 87. Buried March 1670.
Here lyeth the body of William READ aged 87. Buried July 23, 1687.
Here lyeth the body of Richard READ, buried Dec 16, 1690.
Filius Dileatissimus Johanni POCOCKE et Phillipo POCOCKE. Vicario de Stoneham Epi Juxta Villam de Southampton, Qui Obdormiveunt in Domino Ille Anno Dni 1692 aet 24. Hic Anno Dni 1700 Aet30. Posuit Moerens Pater Richardus POCOCKE huius Ecclesiae Rector. To the memory of Henry BUDD who died 21st April 1741 aged 61. Also of Elizabeth his wife who died 6th May 1765 aged 79 years. And also of their two sons, William and Thomas. William died 3rd February 1758 aged 22. Thomas died 20th March 1753 aged 11. In memory of A (illegible) died 22 Nov? AD 169?-???? aged 48?. Also Eliz wife of Henry BUDD who departed this life May 27, 171? (chipped). A.C. COOKSON ob 1821. Capt. J. COOKSON ob 1819.<BR> J.J.? obit AD 1692. ?? obit AD 1700. (Initials obscured by cement.) Beneath this stone are interred the remains of Revd. Thomas HARRISON, Clerk, Rector of Colmer & Priors Dean who departed this life August the 20th 1766 in the 32nd year of his age.
Here Lyeth the body of Henry Budd, who departed this life April 21 1741 aged 61. Here lyeth the body of Robert Pullinger who was buried 27 September 1669.

Colemore Parish Church

Underneath are deposited the remains of the Revd. James Cookson MA. obit 6th of January 1835 etat 83 whose loss was deeply felt and deplored by his family and a numerous circle of friends. He was 59 years rector of Colmar and Priors Dean and the oldest magistrate in the county.
Here lyeth the body of Thomas, son of Henry Budd who departed this life March 29th 1733 (or 1735) aged 11 years. Also here lyeth the body of William son of Henry Budd who departed this life February 5th 1738 aged 12 years. Here lies the body of George Harrison He ...... Years Rector of this parish. He was ....... of ...... 1666 and was (rest illegible).
Sacred to the memory of Lieu George Bryan COOKSON 8th Regt. of Native Infantry, died at Dinapore in East Indies, much respected and regretted, 4th March 1814 aged 22. Interred in this church, Capt. John COOKSON, whose brave and meritorious conduct gained him the love and respect of all his brother officers,	likewise great honourin the Corps, died 30th August 1819 aged 31. Interred in the church, Ann Constantia COOKSON, whose mild and amiable disposition endeared her affectionately to all her relatives and friends. After a protracted illness which she bore with great Christian fortitude, she resigned her soul with heavenly submission to her maker 3rd February 1821 aged 21.	Underneath are interred the much respected and beloved remains of Mrs Sarah COOKSON the affectionate partner of the Rev. James COOKSON, whose and benevolent conduct obtained for her the sincere esteem of all, more particularly her family who felt and deplored much the loss of their worthy parent, died 2nd April 1828 aged 60. Next to the above is deposited the body of Thomas COOKSON whose great integrity united to a noble disposition secured him the love and admiration of all, after two years of severe illness he quitted this transitory life 2nd September 1834 aged 31. Here lyes the body of Richard POCOCK. LL.B. who was 59 years Rector of this Parish. A man of singular probity and eminent piety and great charity, OB. March 20 1718 An. aetat 83. Here lyes also the body of Constance his wife, who died November 11, 1674 aetat 34.
Lovingly remembered Gordon Cecil Kingsmill 29 May 1902 - 28 June 1988 and his Meg 12 June 1907 - 3 July 2000.
In loving memory of Edgar Ralph Philips 1917 - 1980.
In rememberance of William Coole 1921 - 1969 and his loving wife Vera 1918 - 1999. In memory of Wilfred Cracroft Ash died 9 Dec 1968 aged 84.
In loving memory of Florence Hughes, nee Murchie 1915 - 2004. In loving memory of Dorothy Agnes Mullay died 16 Oct 1966 aged 78.
Richard Legg born Jan 25 1844, died Sept 15 1867 aged 23. Also William and Henry Williams who died in their infancy. In memory of William King Asprey who departed this life March 19 1879 aged 42 years. In loving memory of Benjamin Kemp son of Elijah and Sarah Kemp. Died Aug 26th 1945 aged 71 years. Blessed is the man that putteth his trust in thee whom thou shall chooseth and receiveth onto thee.
No Inscription. In memory of Thomas BUDD, son of John & Mary BUDD, who departed this world 24 Oct 1784.
In memory of Richard LANGRIDGE died Oct the 14 aetat 36 Anno Salut 1706. Illegible. In Memory of Margaret daughter of John and Mary Budd who departed this life July 7 1750 aged 10 years. Also Judith daughter of John and Mary Budd who departed this life July 7 1750 aged 2 years. Also James who died June 6 1754 aged 4 days. and Tom who died Jan 19 1754 aged 15 years.
To the memory of John Tharp Senior who departed this life April 11 AD 1762 aged 75. In Memory of Sarah Eldest daughter of late Rev. J. Cookson, who departed this life 25 February 1855 aged 66.
In memory of Mary, wife of John Tharp, died August 5 AD 1714 aged 54. In memory of Mary, wife of John Budd, who departed this life June 5 1778 aged 62. Also in memory of John Budd who departed this life December 21 1783 aged 2. In memory of (illegible) Hawkins, rest illegible. In loving memory of Melinda Trimmer died 2nd November 1938 aged 71.
In memory of John, son of John and Ann Tharp, died June 5th 1765 aged 13 months. In memory of James Adolphus Ross, 3rd son of F.M Sir Huw Dalrymple Ross GCB., born 2nd December 1826, died 27th January 1886. Until the day dawn. Thomas Hervey f.a. 11th March 1902 aged 85. 49 Years Rector. Also Anne Hervey his wife, f.a. 5th March 1901 aged 83.
In loving memory of Jacob Dwyer, born 5th February 1865, died 21st November 1922 and his wife Elizabeth Anne 1890 - 1980. Charles William Phillips died 8th June 1953. Hubert James Phillips died 14th July 1955. Alfred John Phillips died 21st December 1960. Elsie Katherine Phillips died 9th February 1962. Sons and daughters of late Charles Bowles and Margaret Jane Phillips.
In loving memory of Emily Louisa Brown who died 20th May 1939 aged 21. To the memory of William Sidney Trenchard, who died 28th Dec 1939 aged 57. Also his wife Ada Rose, who died 18th Jan 1975 aged 84. Reunited. In loving memory of Doctor Walter Halliday MA., who died 13th January 1941.

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