Tree Cookson Memorial Tree

Sacred to the memory of Lieu George Bryan COOKSON 8th Regt. of Native Infantry,
died at Dinapore in East Indies, much respected and regretted, 4th March 1814 aged 22.
Interred in this church, Capt. John COOKSON, whose brave and meritorious
conduct gained him the love and respect of all his brother officers,
likewise great honourin the Corps, died 30th August 1819 aged 31.
Interred in the church, Ann Constantia COOKSON, whose mild and amiable
disposition endeared her affectionately to all her relatives and
friends. After a protracted illness which she bore with great Christian
fortitude, she resigned her soul with heavenly submission to her maker
3rd February 1821 aged 21.
Underneath are interred the much respected and beloved remains of
Mrs Sarah COOKSON the affectionate partner of the Rev. James COOKSON, whose
kind and benevolent conduct obtained for her the sincere esteem of all,
more particularly her family who felt and deplored much the loss of
their worthy parent, died 2nd April 1828 aged 60.
Next to the above is deposited the body of Thomas COOKSON whose great
integrity united to a noble disposition secured him the love and
admiration of all, after two years of severe illness he quitted this
transitory life 2nd September 1834 aged 31.

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