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Fiche No. 2, Events CB, Date 1763-1802, Ref 33M82/PR2, Film No. M164

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Surname Name Partner Partner's Trade Parish Date Age Minister Comments
Maphey William Colemore 29/04/1761 50 He was a labourer
Appleton Dorothy Colemore 31/12/1763
Hells John Colemore 16/02/1764 An infant
Newbery Julian Colemore 19/01/1765
Groves Ann Colemore 03/02/1765 An infant
Jorden Ann Colemore 10/04/1765
Budd Elizabeth Colemore 11/05/1765
Thorpe John Colemore 06/06/1765
Jorden Dorothy Colemore 15/11/1765
Harrison Thomas Colemore 23/08/1766 The Church Rector
Burrow Thomas Colemore 18/06/1767 The son of Thomas and Elizabeth
Langridge Elizabeth Colemore 15/03/1769
Burrow Robert Colemore 16/04/1770
Thorpe Martha Froxfield 10/10/1771 Daughter of John & Ann
Langridge Ann Colemore 25/02/1772
Frye William Colemore 24/04/1773
Newbery James Colemore 27/12/1774
Budd Mary John Budd Farmer Colemore 07/01/1778 66
Thorpe Arthur Froxfield 01/07/1780 60 He was a farmer
Fidler James Colemore 21/02/1781 6m Son of Philip and Margaret
Langrish Thomas Colemore 09/05/1781 72 He was a labourer
Langrish Jane Colemore 16/05/1781 68 Widow
Budd Richard Colemore 22/05/1781 38 James Cookson He was a bachelor
Maphey Ann Colemore 26/04/1782 Servant
Norgate ??? Colemore 04/06/1782 He was a labourer
Budd John Colemore 24/12/1782 He was a farmer at Field Farm
Hawkins Betty Colemore 02/06/1783 An Infant
Hawkins Sarah Colemore 20/06/1783 James Cookson An Infant
Norgate Martha Richard Norgate Labourer Colemore 10/01/1784 James Cookson
Budd Thomas Colemore 27/10/1784 James Cookson He was a farmer at Field Farm
Aldred John Colemore 15/01/1785 4 James Cookson Of Colemore-Wood Farm
Martin Deborah Colemore 04/01/1786 James Cookson A Pauper from Colemore-Wood
Gamman Ann Colemore 28/02/1787 James Cookson A Pauper
Maphey Mary Colemore 04/06/1788 James Cookson A Pauper
Gamman Thomas Colemore 15/02/1789 James Cookson A Pauper
Fry John Colemore 23/11/1789 James Cookson He accidentially drowned in the mill pond
Langrish Nicholas Colemore 03/07/1793 James Cookson
Smith Ann Colemore 29/03/1795 James Cookson Daughter of Samuel & Ann Smith, Samuel was a labou
Etherington Elizabeth Colemore 06/03/1797 James Cookson Single woman
Smith Sarah Ann Colemore 25/02/1799 James Cookson She was the daughter of Samuel and Ann
Norgate Richard Colemore 19/04/1799 James Cookson He was a labourer
Langrish David Colemore 19/04/1799 James Cookson He was an Infant
Cook Elizabeth Caroline Colemore 24/04/1799 James Cookson She was an Infant
Wells Ann Colemore 13/06/1799 James Cookson She was a single woman
Chase Mary Thomas Chase Labourer Colemore 29/05/1800 James Cookson

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