Tree Baptisms of Colemore by Surname Tree

Fiche No. 1, Events CMB, Date 1563-1762, Ref 33M82/PR1, Film No. M164

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Surname Child's Name Father Mother Date Abode Father's Trade Minister Comments
Aeltham Nathaniell Nathaniell Elizabeth 24/03/1641 Colemore
Appleton Dorothia William Dorothy 26/10/1701 Colemore Born on the 10/10/1701
Appleton John William Dorothy 13/02/1703 Colemore Born on 04/02/1703
Appleton Mary William Dorothy 06/06/1700 Colemore 04/06/1700
Appleton Richard William Dorothia 02/08/1713 Colemore
Appleton Thomas William Dorothy 30/01/1708 Colemore
Appleton William William Dorothy 14/07/1706 Colemore Born on ??/07/1706
Apsdall Constance Nathaniell Elnor 01/07/1638 Colemore
Apsdall Elnor Nathaniell Elnor 02/08/1636 Colemore
Apsdall Hannah 07/02/1635 Colemore
Apsdall John Nathaniell Elnor 04/06/1639 Colemore
Apsdall Judith Jacob? Alice 26/05/1640 Colemore
Apsdall Margaret Nathaniell 16/02/1634 Colemore
Apsdall Maria Nathaniell Elnor 12/05/1641 Colemore
Apsdall Maria Jacob? Alice 10/08/1635 Colemore
Apsdall Nathaniell Nathaniell Elnor 19/01/1644 Colemore
Apsdall Nathaniell Nathaniell Helen 08/08/1630 Colemore
Aslat Elizabeth William Mary 30/01/1675 Colemore
Baker Elizabeth John Elizabeth 13/01/1648 Colemore
Baker Mary William Margaret 01/01/1722 Colemore
Baker William William Margaret 15/03/1723 Colemore
Bettiforth Ann Peter 06/10/1600 Colemore
Bettiforth Barbara 04/04/1609 Colemore
Bettiforth Benjimen Peter 01/08/1604 Colemore
Bettiforth Christian 08/07/1607 Colemore
Bettiforth Elin 08/04/1603 Colemore
Bettiforth Elnor Peter 25/04/1602 Colemore
Bettiforth Fan? Peter 29/05/1599 Colemore
Bettiforth Joane Thomas 08/04/1629 Colemore
Bettiforth Katherine Peter 28/08/1598 Colemore
Bettiforth Peter 03/05/1606 Colemore
Bettiforth Thomas Peter 06/07/1589 Colemore
Biams?? Hannah James Mary 09/03/1741 Colemore
Borrough Mary Thomas Elizabeth 10/02/1760 Colemore
Borrough Rebekah Thomas Elizabeth 18/04/1758 Colemore
Bricknell Mary Bafsell Mary 18/11/1750 Colemore
Budd ??ges John Mary 24/12/1755 Colemore
Budd Betty Henry Elizabeth 21/01/1728 Colemore
Budd Elizabeth Henry Elizabeth 21/03/1713 Colemore 14/03/1713
Budd Elizabeth Henry Elizabeth 09/05/1737 Colemore
Budd Elizabeth John Mary 02/05/1753 Colemore
Budd Henry John Elizabeth 23/06/1695 Colemore Born about midnight on 19/06/1695
Budd Henry Henry Elizabeth 27/09/1710 Colemore 03/09/1710
Budd Henry Henry Elizabeth 03/06/1734 Colemore They live at Field Farm
Budd Henry John Mary 30/11/1741 Colemore Born and baptised on the same day
Budd James John Mary 04/06/1754 Colemore
Budd John Henry Elizabeth 12/09/1708 Colemore Born on 06/09/1708
Budd John John Mary 22/09/1747 Colemore Born on 06/09/1747
Budd Mary Henry Mary 07/02/1678 Colemore
Budd Mary 14/11/1680 Colemore
Budd Mary John Elizabeth 09/06/1693 Colemore
Budd Mary Henry Elizabeth 11/02/1722 Colemore
Budd Mary Henry Elizabeth 13/10/1733 Colemore Born on 22/09/1733, they are from Field Farm
Budd Mary John Elizabeth 16/04/1740 Colemore
Budd Mary John Mary 26/10/1750 Colemore
Budd Richard Henry Elizabeth 10/10/1715 Colemore Born on 28/09/1715
Budd Richard John Mary 02/11/1743 Colemore Born on 19/10/1743
Budd Thomas Henry Elizabeth 17/06/1719 Colemore Born on 03/06/1719
Budd Thomas Henry Elizabeth 07/07/1724 Colemore Born on 14/06/1724
Budd Thomas John Mary 07/06/1749 Colemore Born on 10/05/1749
Budd William Henry Elizabeth 01/03/1716 Colemore Born on 19/02/1716
Budd William John Mary 06/11/1745 Colemore
Canrills Constance Richard Mary 14/01/1662 Colemore
Caudry Amy John Avis 26/11/1682 Colemore
Caudry Anne John Avis 02/07/1679 Colemore
Caudry John John Avis 23/01/1680 Colemore
Caudry Richard John Avis 07/11/1686 Colemore
Caudry Robert John Avis 10/02/1683 Colemore
Chace Elizabeth Wead Elizabeth 31/08/1740 Colemore Born on 21/08/1740
Charitt? Margaret John 22/07/1582 Colemore
Charitt? Susan John 13/04/1582 Colemore
Chr? Ann? Philipp 08/04/1605 Colemore
Chri? Robert Philipp 08/09/1606 Colemore
Cole Martha John Martha 22/08/1736 Colemore
Coleman Joane Thomas Joane 04/01/1630 Colemore
Coleman Thomas Thomas Joane 08/02/1618 Colemore
Compton ? Roger 28/04/1577 Colemore
Compton Alice Peter 29/09/1568 Colemore
Compton John George 13/05/1581 Colemore
Compton John Peter 25/10/1570 Colemore
Compton Judith George 04/03/1580 Colemore
Compton Judith George Compton 04/02/1581
Compton Katherine George 01/11/1579 Colemore
Compton Katherine Peter 08/06/1565 Colemore
Compton Peter George 23/04/1586 Colemore
Compton William George 26/07/1583 Colemore
Corpes Thomas Anthony 01/10/1586 Colemore
Corpit Ann? Thomas Jane 04/07/1650 Colemore
Corpit Elizabeth Thomas Jane 30/05/1648 Colemore
Corpit Jane Thomas Jane 09/09/1656 Colemore Richard Pococke, Rev
Corpit Richard Thomas Jane 10/01/1653 Colemore Richard Pococke, Rev
Corpit Richard Thomas Jane 13/02/1652 Colemore Richard Pococke, Rev
Corpit Thomas Thomas Jane 05/04/1646 Colemore
Durat Mary Nathaniell Bridgit 05/05/1636 Colemore
Ferrot Elizabeth Anne 20/02/1705 Colemore
Fiddler Elizabeth John 01/04/1585 Colemore
Fiddler Thomas John 20/10/1581 Colemore
Forder Hannah Thomas Dorothy 15/01/1750 Colemore
Forder Richard Thomas Dorothy 15/11/1753 Colemore
Gamon Anne Thomas Anne 07/06/1741 Colemore
Gamon James Thomas Anne 09/04/1758 Colemore
Gamon John Thomas Anne 20/11/1748 Colemore Born on 14/11/1748
Gamon Mary Thomas Anne 07/09/1744 Colemore Born on 10/08/1744
Gamon Thomas Thomas Anne 20/08/1742 Colemore
Gamon William Thomas Anne 23/11/1750 Colemore
Gilbert Alice John 08/07/1600 Colemore
Halls Alice Richard 02/09/1565 Colemore
Halls Malle? Richard 03/03/1563 Colemore
Hearjay Anne Hierome Catharine 19/05/1695 Colemore Born on 12/05/1695
Hearjay Jane Hierome Catharine 03/12/1693 Colemore
Hearjay Jeremmiah Hierome Catharine 10/03/1680 Colemore
Hearjay Katherine Hierome Katherine 23/10/1677 Colemore
Hearjay Mary Hierome Catharine 01/06/1690 Colemore
Hide Margery Thomas Mary 13/06/1713 Colemore Born on 29/05/1713
Hide Mary Thomas Mary 27/11/1711 Colemore Born on 16/11/1711
Hide Thomas Thomas Mary 15/06/1710 Colemore 03/06/1710
Hunt Anthony Richard Joan 07/04/1665 Colemore
Hunt Elizabeth ? ? 11/04/1659 Colemore Richard Pococke, Rev
Hunt Elizabeth Jeramias Mary 17/07/1656 Colemore Richard Pococke, Rev
Hunt Jonomir? John Elizabeth 03/02/1656 Colemore Richard Pococke, Rev
Hunt Phillip Thomas 25/04/1697 Born on 24/04/1697, Mother died at birth
Hunt Richard Richard Joan 16/05/1662 Colemore
Huott? Henry Henry 03/08/1600 Colemore
Huott? John Henry 09/09/1599 Colemore
Knight Elizabeth John Elizabeth 09/04/1677 Colemore
Lancaster John John Mary 19/05/1706 Colemore Born on 18/05/1706
Langridge Anne John Anne 01/05/1709 Colemore Born on 24/04/1709
Langridge Anthony Anthony Margery 27/03/1673 Colemore
Langridge Elizabeth John Ann 15/10/1715 Colemore
Langridge Henry Anthony Margery 06/10/1684 Colemore
Langridge John Anthony Margery 06/01/1675 Colemore
Langridge John John Anne 18/05/1712 Colemore
Langridge Joseph Anthony Margery 19/09/1678 Colemore
Langridge Mary Anthony Margery 30/07/1681 Colemore
Langridge Richard Anthony Margery 20/06/1671 Colemore
Langrish Ann Nicolas Mary 06/03/1734 Colemore
Langrish Bengeman Nicolas Mary 01/11/1741 Colemore One twin, Joseph the other, born on 12/10/1741
Langrish Jane Thomas Jane 25/04/1734 Colemore Private ceremony
Langrish John Nicolas Mary 18/03/1739 Colemore
Langrish Joseph Nicolas Mary 01/11/1741 Colemore One twin, Benjeman the other, born on 12/10/1741
Langrish Mary Nicolas Mary 25/01/1736 Colemore
Langrish Nicolas Nicolas Mary 26/11/1732 Colemore
Langrish Thomas Thomas Jane 01/01/1735 Colemore
Lee Elizabeth Richard Elizabeth 05/03/1644 Colemore
Lee Henry Henry Beth? 04/09/1635 Colemore
Lee Jacob? Jacob? Beth? 05/02/1626 Colemore
Lester John Richard Elizabeth 11/08/1647 Colemore
Lester Margaret Richard Elizabeth 27/11/1649 Colemore
Loughton Jane Peter 02/09/1565 Colemore
Loughton Joane 02/04/1565 Colemore
Loughton Margaret Peter 01/04/1568 Colemore
Maphy Ann William Mary 26/11/1762 Colemore
Maphy Elizabeth William Mary 09/09/1760 Colemore
Maphy Mary William Mary 25/11/1757 Colemore
Maphy William William Mary 31/07/1755 Colemore
Marant? Stephen Ralph 04/04/1629 Colemore
Marten Anne James Deborah 07/11/1743 Colemore
Marten Deborah James Deborah 19/10/1740 Colemore
Marten Debrah James Deborah 19/10/1740 Colemore
Marten Elizabeth James Deborah 06/04/1754 Colemore
Marten Joseph James Deborah 14/04/1749 Colemore
Marten Mary James Deborah 14/04/1749 Colemore
Marten Mary James Deborah 07/06/1755 Colemore
Marten William James Deborah 28/03/1757 Colemore
Martins John Francis Sybill 06/03/1648 Colemore
Martins Robert Francis Sybill 15/04/1651 Colemore
Martins William Francis Sybill 01/04/1653 Colemore Richard Pococke, Rev
May Thomas ? 13/07/1580 Colemore
Miller Anne William Ellanor 17/08/1713 Colemore
Miller Audry William Ellanor 15/03/1701 Colemore Born on 02/03/1701
Miller Elizabeth William Ellanor 15/07/1708 Colemore
Miller Ellen William Ellanor 02/04/1700 Colemore Born on 31/03/1700
Miller John William Ellanor 04/04/1714 Colemore Born on 20/03/1714
Miller Mary William Ellanor 24/06/1704 Colemore Born on the same day
Miller Thomas William Ellanor 24/05/1719 Colemore
Miller William William Ellanor 07/07/1706 Colemore Born on 26/06/1706
Mills Robert ? Maudlin 17/06/1635 Colemore
Moore Elnor Richard Joane 18/02/1655 Colemore Richard Pococke, Rev
Moore Joane Richard Joane 27/10/1661 Colemore
Moore Katherine Richard Joane 14/01/1653 Colemore Richard Pococke, Rev
Newberry John Nicholas Katherine 28/02/1696 Colemore Born on 21/02/1696
Newberry Nicholas Nicholas Catharine 03/03/1698 Colemore Born on 10/02/1698
Norgate Thomas Richard Martha 23/03/1759 Colemore
Oakly Elizabeth John Margaret 22/12/1729 Colemore Baptsd at Froxfield, buried in Colemore 29/12/1729
Olthat? Elizabeth John 02/02/1634 Colemore
Olthat? Jane John Elizabeth 04/02/1638 Colemore
Olthat? John John Elizabeth 08/01/1635 Colemore
Olthat? Thomas John 10/06/1632 Colemore
P? Laurence William 01/04/1598 Colemore
Palmer Allwyn John Joyce 29/03/1674 Colemore
Palmer Anne John Joyce 28/04/1680 Colemore
Palmer Anthony John Joyce 16/02/1668 Colemore
Palmer John John Joyce 21/10/1672 Colemore
Palmer Joyce John Joyce 15/11/1667 Colemore
Palmer Mary John Joyce 17/12/1676 Colemore
Palmer Richard John Joyce 21/09/1675 Colemore
Palmer Richard John Joyce 02/07/1678 Colmore
Palmer Thomas John Joyce 04/01/1670 Colemore
Pan Elizabeth William Elizabeth 19/09/1736 Colemore
Plummer Edward Edward 10/10/1703 Colemore Born on 03/10/1703
Plummer John Edward 12/12/1706 Colemore Born on 08/12/1706
Plummer Mary Edward 27/11/1709 Colemore Born in Froxfield
Pococke Constance Richard Constance 14/08/1664 Colemore
Pococke Dorothra Richard Constance 05/03/1671 Colemore Born on 20/02/1671
Pococke Elizabeth Richard Constance 30/11/1673 Colemore Born one O'clock in the morning
Pococke John Richard Constance 15/08/1668 Colemore
Pococke Philip Richard Constance 19/09/1670 Colemore Born on 13/09/1670
Pococke Richard Richard Constance 24/05/1666 Colemore
Polard Laurence William Polard 01/01/1591 Colemore
Porter ? John 02/04/1570 Colemore
Porter Elizabeth William 09/09/1581 Colemore
Pullinger Elizabeth Robert Alice 07/04/1644 Colemore
Pullinger John Robert Alice 01/03/1639 Colemore
Pullinger Mary Robert Alice 10/11/1648 Colemore
Pullinger Robert Robert Alice 08/04/1637 Colemore
Pullinger Sh? Robert Alice 04/02/1641 Colemore
Randolf Jane John 08/09/1606 Colemore
Randolf Richard Richard 09/10/1568 Colemore
Read Alice William Alice 01/02/1634 Colemore
Read Elizabeth William Alice 08/09/1631 Colemore
Read Henry William Elizabeth 07/07/1644 Colemore
Read William 08/03/1633 Colemore
Reade Amy Henry Amy 14/01/1680 Colemore
Reade Richard William Elizabeth 19/02/1696 Colemore Born about midnight 16/02/1696
Renwood Elizabeth Henry Judith 21/03/1647 Colemore
Renwood Hannah ?hinxyl Dorothy 19/08/1660 Colemore
Renwood Henry Henry Judith 22/10/1650 Colemore
Renwood Jalite? Henry Jane 06/11/1654 Colemore Richard Pococke, Rev
Renwood John Henry Judith 18/09/1644 Colemore
Rogers Amy Frances Anne 13/03/1686 Colemore
Rogers John Frances Anne 08/01/1692 Colemore
Rogers Richard Frances Anne 29/12/1689 Colemore
Silvester William Hugh 01/08/1714 Colemore 26/07/1714
Spencer John John Mary 28/01/1710 Colemore Born on 15/01/1710
Thorp Arthur John Mary 14/02/1719 Colemore Born on 31/01/1719
Thorp John John Mary 27/11/1688 Colemore
Thorp John John Mary 24/11/1721 Colemore Born on 11/11/1721
Thorp Mary John Mary 17/09/1682 Colemore
Thorpe William Arthur Mary 13/10/1762 Colemore
Underwood Rachel John Anne 06/06/1746 Colemore Born at Froxfield and baptised at Priors Dean
Vinden Amy William Ellanor 20/03/1686 Colemore
Vinden Ellanor ?itt Ann 02/03/1678 Colemore
Vinden John William Ellanor 28/06/1674 Colemore
Vinden Richard William Ellanor 16/03/1683 Colemore
Vinden William William Ellanor 01/06/1673 Colemore
Ward Elizabeth Joseph Susan 05/12/1721 Colemore Born on 18/11/1721
Ward William Joseph Susan 20/04/1720 Colemore Born on 12/04/1720
Ween Briget Richard Jane 07/10/1669 Colemore
Ween Constance Richard Jane 01/10/1667 Colmore
Ween Dorothy Richard Jane 28/06/1674 Colemore
Ween Mary Richard Joane 14/03/1651 Colemore
Ween Sarah John Joane 20/11/1663 Colemore
Wheatly John Joseph Mary 29/03/1714 Colemore Born on 26/03/1714
Wheatly Mary Joseph Mary 02/03/1716 Colemore
Wilks Ann Thomas Ann 24/02/1720 Colemore Born on 07/02/1720
Wilks Mary Thomas Ann 12/07/1725 Colemore Born on 29/06/1725
Wilks Richard Thomas Ann 22/01/1722 Colemore Born on 05/01/1722
Winter Elizabeth John 01/08/1630 Colemore
Winter Margarit John 08/05/1633 Colemore
Winter Maria John 14/09/1628 Colemore

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